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The Ipe Clip® Extreme4™ Deck Fastener System has many advantages. Not only does this all-weather deck fastening system help build stronger decks, you will also save money in both initial installation costs and long-term maintenance.

    Quick & Easy installation process
    Less fasteners required for even greater upfront savings
    No additional and costly tools required
    Maximum holding power for increased structural integrity
    Top-of-the-line resistance to ultraviolet rays & corrosion
    Three color options to match hardwoods and composite materials

With a square shape and stainless steel insert, the Extreme4™ fits both pre-routed grooves and pregrooved decking. With 4 mm (5/32”) spacing between the boards, the Extreme4™ fastener allows hardwood boards expand and contract without pushing into each other. Also, by allowing composite decking & PVC decking to expand on its length the Extreme4™ extends the lifespan of these popular materials.

Color: Available in “Ipe Brown”, “Patina Grey” or “Shadowline Black” to match the desired look of your Ipe or composite deck.

Shape: Due to its size and shape, Ipe Clip® fasteners speed installation and eases installation problems associated with other hidden fastener methods. The smaller shape allows for approx. 1” of tolerance in the positioning of the slots cut by a biscuit jointer. Other hidden fastener methods do not allow for any tolerance in the cutting of the biscuit slots, which complicates and slows installation.

Bits: Unlike other fastening systems, each box of Ipe Clip® fasteners contains a pre-drill bit and a T10 - Star Drive screw gun tip needed for installation. (Complete Kit ONLY)

Strength: Ipe Clip® fasteners are manufactured from a UV Resistant High Strength material, giving Ipe Clip® fasteners up to three times the strength of other fastening methods. By using our high strength material, Ipe Clip® fasteners have increased holding power, and help prevent screw heads from being overdriven, as can be a problem with other lesser quality fasteners.

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