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EasyClip is the future of wooden decking, with its registered design allowing for a smooth, screw-free deck surface. Children and bare feet can roam carefree. No longer will you worry about injury caused by exposed nails or screws.

The EasyClip fasteners are hidden between the boards, making them almost invisible. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your deck but also contributes to improved safety. 

The EasyClip system is easier and faster to install than any other system, saving you time and money. EasyClip fasteners are durable, UV resistant and resistant to most chemicals. Your deck will last longer and stay beautiful for years without being damaged by screws.



  • Easily installs by using a biscuit jointer/saw, router or pre grooved decking.
  • EasyClip Deck Fasteners are made from heavy duty UV Resistant Polypropylene.
  • Space your deck boards automatically.
  • No pre-drilling or countersinking of screws.
  • No stain marks from rusty screws.
  • Safe, nail free finish.
  • No popping of rusty screws or plugs.
  • Prevents cupping of deck boards.
  • Save roughly 30% labour costs and time on the installation of the decking boards
  • Easy maintenance of your deck boards.
  • Can be used on both hardwood and softwood.
  • Deck boards can easily replaced or re-used.
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