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What to consider before purchasing a WPC deck.

So you have decided that you want to create an amazing outdoor living space and of course,you have to have a deck. After doing some research you have decided that a Wood Plastic.Composite is the way to go. After all, you don’t want to install a deck only to find yourself maintaining it every other weekend and who needs to be pulling splinters out of kids’ feet?

Over and above that, you want to do your part for the environment and this option just seems to tick all the boxes. So now that you are taking the plunge and after your research, you have found a dozen WPC suppliers who are all claiming that their product is the best on the market. With Trex of course it is no different; however that being said we would like you to ask some questions about the WPC deck that you are about to purchase, and so ultimately for you to make up your own mind. 

1. Who is the company and what is their track record?

In a world that is flooded with brands, we often look at the label to establish the level of trust that we will have in that product. We even use terms like “This is the Rolls-Royce” for a particular product. By that we immediately know it is the best in its particular field. These brands have worked tirelessly to earn your trust over the years and with decking it is no different.

Trex is proud to be the FIRST WPC deck producer in the world and is now recognized as the NUMBER ONE decking brand in the world. Manufacturing their product in the US it was established more than 22 years ago, they were one of the pioneering companies in the United States for this particular genre and have grown to retail their product in more than 6700 locations worldwide with more than 41% of the North American market choosing Trex over competitive brands.

 Peninsula Publishing conducted a yearlong poll through their print titles, websites and social media pages to establish the most preferred products among Home Builders, Purchasing Agents, Architects and Residential contractors in the US. Once again Trex came out as the number one preferred and recognized brand in decking. 

2. Warranty

This is so important for you as the consumer. You are often given Guarantees and Warranties to attempt to put your mind at ease when purchasing a product. We absolutely love the 25 year warranty that comes from companies that haven’t been around for more than 5 years. Over and above that, have you thought about what will happen if that company doesn’t exist in the next 2 years when you call them to claim on the 25 year warranty they promised you? Simply put the Warranty is only as good as the company that is providing it. This is why point number 1 above is so important. With Trex, your 25 year product warranty lies with Trex alone and not the distributor, this means that if the distributor is no longer in business when you need to claim then you simply contact Trex directly to have your issue resolved. It is highly unlikely you will need to make a claim, but it is nice to know you are getting a 25 year product warranty from a company that has been around for 22 years that is held directly by them.

3. How low is low maintenance?

This is often the primary reason for wanting a WPC deck, you don’t want to be maintaining it all the time. Many suppliers promise you a “low maintenance” product but what does that entail?

- It often only means you won’t be sanding it but what happens when you spill juice, wine, food or even have your pool water hit it? You will note that most suppliers will not warrant their product against staining.

 - What about the colour of your deck? Many composites will fade over a period of time meaning that the wonderful colour you picked initially almost completely changes over time.

 - Nasty scratches? How do you get rid of those? After all, you don’t want to be sanding your deck, you bought WPC so you don’t have to do that!

 - The movement of your deck boards, how stable is your WPC deck? You don’t want massive gaps opening up on your deck.

You see with all of the above, you may not end up with a low maintenance product but rather amaintenance nightmare which will leave you regretting your decision.Trex will offer you, over and above the 25 year board warranty, a 25 Year Warranty on not only staining but also on the fading of their WPC deck. After all, you did buy it for low maintenance.They can do this through a propriety encapsulation on the surface of the board which not only makes it look great but ensures you keep the colour that you originally chose and ensures that you don’t have to worry about those spills that are bound to happen. 

Over and above that, this encapsulation offers unprecedented protection against scratches and what about the stability? Well Trex has you covered and is one of the best in the industry insuring that nasty gaps don’t turn up everywhere.

4. How “Eco-friendly” is this product really?

“Green” has become the new buzzword with a flurry of new products hitting the market. It is no wonder that WPC decking is becoming so popular as it is extensively marketed as being an ecofriendly solution.

We would like to ask though how you know that the WPC deck that you purchasing is truly ecofriendly? We suppose that most would say, “Because they told me it was.” Think about it for a minute, is that really validation? We constantly look for proofs in other areas of our lives, approved food labels, and if you renovating your house, I am sure you made sure your builder was registered and approved by a recognized authority that you trust. So why should your WPC deck be different?

Trex is proven by the ICC-Evaluation Service as being manufactured from 95% recycled material. Each year, Trex ensures that 180 Million Kilograms of wood fiber and plastic don’t find themselves in landfills. They don’t stop there, Trex uses environmental consultants to assist them in making their company even more eco-friendly. Due to this, Trex has almost eliminated smoke stacks from production meaning almost no fumes are going back into the air. They also use vegetable based oil in their trucks instead of hydraulic oil. What does that matter? Well even if your supplier can prove it is made from recycled material, what does it help if the process in producing it is harmful? 

Green Builder Media, which is the leading North American company for the residential building industry focused on green building and responsible growth has named Trex as the “Greenest deck” available.

We not just telling you this, we can prove it.

So before you just go and look at the price, ask the questions and know exactly what it is that you are paying for?